Maintenance Assistant

Key Responsibilities

The successful candidate will among others do the following

  • Ensure prompt servicing, adequate maintenance and renewal of particulars relating to guest house facilities.
  • Ensure adequate lighting system, constant water and power supply for the guest house.
  • Assist in the activities of the Maintenance Officer to ensure the power, water and other maintenance related activities of the guest houses are running perfectly. 
  • Ensure regular supply of quality diesel to the guest house with adequate record of supply and usage.
  • Assist the Maintenance Officer in ensuring preventive maintenance of the guest house facilities - building, electrical, electronics and plumbing installations, etc. 


Personnel Specification

Must have a Trade Test Certificate I, II/III in Electrical engineering from a recognized Technical School, 

must be someone who have a proven practical/field experience on managing and handling electrical matters in a structured setting, 

good knowledge of managing heavy duty generators (diesel engines such as 250- 350KVAs). Must be intelligent, firm, assertive, level-headed, able to work under pressure, disciplined and preventive-maintenance driven. 

He must be a highly sensitive, observant and proactive individual, able to foresee and proffer solutions to electrical or power problems or related issues before they occur.