Laundry Attendant

Key Responsibilities
  • Dry-cleans guestroom fabrics/materials, guests (inhouse and external customers) cloths/fabrics with utmost impeccability. 
  • Manage and maintain for optimum performance the laundry equipment and machines
  • Ensures prompt servicing of the laundry facilities for longevity and productive service.
  • Select and identify guests’ fabrics/materials for washing or dry-cleaning according to specifications or materials’ textures
Personnel Specification
  • Must have a Senior School Certificate with at least credit pass in 5 subjects including English and Mathematics; be a highly disciplined individual, energetic and of sound health.
  • Must be a person of integrity, good character, goal-driven with ability to meet customers’ needs.
  • Must have a sound knowledge of the usage of washing/dry-cleaning equipment and facilities. be 
  • Must be able to take good initiatives in driving the growth of the guesthouse laundry unit
  • The jobholder must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in similar jobs from reputable organization